Audiobook and more Videos!

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We have added a bunch of new interactive videos for the beginning of 'One Night Dead'.
These videos are an audiobook version of the story.
You can find this video below or on The Story page from the top menu.
At the end of each of these videos, you can make your choice by clicking on the link to go to the next video!
Kind of like an Old School Choose Your Own Video Adventure!

There are also a couple new promo videos up including 'Zombie Horde' and an 'Old School Movie' promo trailer.

You can find these videos below as well or just head on over to our youTube Channel.

Help us out, as always, by clicking 'LIKE' on our videos and commenting as well!
Let us know what you think!

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Here's our newest videos! Enjoy!

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Love the new videos and the audio version too!
Give us more!..........(please)

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Thanks and will try to bring you some more soon!