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Great Zombie Books including - Brian Keene's: The Rising

What is in your undead book collection?
What are you top 5 zombie books?
For me: top 5 books, not in any order are...
- Brian Keene's: The Rising
- Brian Keene's: City of the Dead
- Max Brooks: World War Z
- J.L. Bourne's: Day by Day Armageddon (books 1 and 2)
- Brian Keene's: Dead Sea

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I really wanted to read World War Z, but I hear the movie was fantastic. What book is your ABSOLUTE favorite?

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I would have to say my ABSOLUTE favorite zombie book is 'Warm Bodies'^^
Close second - The Rising

No, for real, The Rising and City of the Dead combined.
Or Day by Day books 1 and 2 close second.

World War Z(the book) has nothing to do with the movie and the book, is much better^^

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Have you seen the movie now that Warm Bodies is on film??? I'd like to hear your thoughts, Scott.