First Top 10 Results Video is UP!

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One Night Dead's First Top 10

The Results Are In!

We have the results of our first #Zombie poll that was voted on by you, the users of this site.

The world as we know it, has come to an end thanks to the Undead and Zombies. Welcome to our first top 10 from Project O.N.D. and One Night Dead. For our first top 10, we asked our zombie loving Project O.N.D. members at 'What are the most important common household items you would take with you if a zombie apocalypse really happened?' These items are only common things you would find in an average home. Sorry, armored tanks and semi automatic machine guns don't apply! These items are considered light weight and easy to pack for a quick getaway. They do not include any of the basic needs like water and food or any types of weapons. Here are the results of our polled Project O.N.D. members and the results of our first Zombie top 10! Enjoy and don't forget to comment and agree or disagree with our list!

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Great to finally see your Top 10 video. I'd love to see more stuff like this, for sure. Keep up the amazing work!

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Thanks a lot! There will be more to come.

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Loved it and want to see more top 10's too!

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