England's Version of 'The Walking Dead''? - A Fresh Look at 'IN THE FLESH'

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BBC - In The Flesh TV show

What I liked most about 'In the Flesh' is its original and innovative premise in which we assume that the resurrection of the zombies is a fact, humans have defeated and now zombies are being reintegrated into society. In fact, zombies are not zombies anymore; they are now affected by the Partially Deceased Syndrome and are being returned to their homes.

Although four years have passed since the "dawn" not everyone will receive the zombies with open arms, there are many who remember that not long ago those “no longer zombies” were eating their relatives. The life of a reinserted zombie is not easy, especially if you're faced with HVF (Human Voluntary Forces) or what becomes a paramilitary group with clear religious ties which wouldn’t accept their comeback.

An interesting twist on the genre in which being a zombie does not mean to stop being a human. Who was going to say, other than that nice zombie in Day of the Dead (George A. Romero, 1985) that we would laugh, that we would feel compassion and that we even be thrill and excited with an undead?

But there are many more surprises in store in this series for the fans of the genre.

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I love this show! Season 2 was great!

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It's different and not a bad watch.

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I like the simple artwork here. I think the BBC does it right! :) 

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I've given up on this show. Liked the original idea of it, but didn't like what it was growing into!