It’s the Apocalypse! Zombies Are Taking Over Mainstream Media!

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It’s the Apocalypse! Zombies Are Taking Over Mainstream Media!

It seems every time you turn on the TV, go to rent a movie, or pick up a book to read, a new zombie story is out there. What is our culture’s obsession with the undead? Are media creators trying to tell us something? What does it say about the consumers of zombie artwork?

Many theorists suggest that our culture is facing a hopelessness that the end of civilization is near. Other people suggest that we have become overly obsessed with violence that it is destroying our ability to empathize.
Perhaps our obsession with zombies is a good thing, though. On the outside, the craze looks scary. What would be good about violent, undead, creepy-looking zombies?

Zombies in our media started rising in prevalence after the nuclear warfare in Word War II. The end of the world became more of a real fear for people. The fears of a culture are often reflected in art. So, zombie art – movies, shows, literature, and more – have been rising in popularity. With more end-of-the-world type fears coming to the public’s attention, like global warming, we see more and more of this type of art.
Zombies in the media
A zombie apocalypse is a symbol for the end of the world and things falling to ruin. It’s definitely not the lightest of topics, but it’s a real fear. We need a way to cope with the fear and channel it into something beneficial. Writing and reading about a zombie takeover is a cathartic therapy. It’s a way to bond with our fellow human beings over a shared fear.

Many people feel powerless when thinking about the end of the world. What can any individual person do about it? Sure, we can advocate for respecting our earth and fellow human beings and creatures, but when it’s all said and done, our future is in the hands of the people in power.

Or we can speak through art. If we listen carefully to the popular artists in our culture, they’re spreading a message of common emotions in our culture. If something, like the Walking Dead, rises to popularity, it must mean that many people share the same fears or emotions about a topic.
Walking Dead logo
Instead of condemning that by saying it spreads violence or that people shouldn’t feel the way they do, we should work to better our world. We should solve the fears our culture has. In the meantime, if it’s therapeutic, we should encourage people to make art. Millions of people get some sort of pleasure or release by enjoying zombie art. What’s wrong about that?

If you like zombies, and even violent zombie artwork, don’t view yourself as part of the problem. View yourself as a part of the voice of our generation. Artwork and the media can change a society. That can be for the better or worse. It’s in our hands to decide if the zombie takeover will actually fix our world’s problems, instead of be the destruction of earth.

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By: Brittany Touris

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People out there just want the zombie apocalypse to happen.

It's just another medium for antigovernment and in a world like The Walking Dead, you would truly be free, even if it sucked!

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Zombies have always been around and popular with me.
They are at a peek right now though. Popular for sure!
It may die off for a while but they always come back and always 'RISE' again!