Stephen King's Book 'PET SEMATARY' – It Is A Zombie Story

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Stephen King's Pet Sematary

  The setting is small town in scale, to which I can relate. The family is your average family. Everything seems normal. In the background always lurks the Micmac cemetery; a purely supernatural force that seems to have an agenda on its own.
   The way that force invades is disturbing, particularly in the final act, which will cause you to ache with horror, dread, and sadness.
  Not only is the premise completely horrifying, but King manages to make us feel deeply for each of his characters - truly his greatest skill. What takes the cake for me, however, is the sense of place evoked by the lush and descriptive writing in this piece. Events that would be totally unbelievable in any other book are made tangible and realistic because they feel so natural within the world that King creates.
  The end result is a beautifully constructed novel that scares the shit out of you, because it could be your own family. And in a way, it's one hell of a zombie novel. Definitely to be counted among King's best.
  And remember, sometimes, death is better.

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I remember reading this book and do agree that's it's one of King's best.
I also recently rewatched the movie version of the book and enjoyed it as well!
It's strange how people never associate this story/book/movie with Zombies
when it clearly is related to the UNDEAD!
Thanks for the review!

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Versus the movie!?!?! The movie creeped me out. Never read the book though. I have a feeling I wouldn't be able to put it down.

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I didn't read the book, but I saw the movie and that was one creepy, creepy boy!

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Great book and movie!

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How does the book compare to the film? I'm curious now. Tell tell tell! :)