Z Nation - It's Not The Walking Dead, But It Still Might Be FUN!

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Z Nation

So SyFy are the latest network to jump on the Zombie bandwagon with their newest series 'Z Nation'.
Usually, as with any new series, I like to give a new show at least a few episodes beyond the pilot to pass judgement or form an opinion.
Most of the TV series that I follow and enjoy I wasn't a fan of the pilots for them.

For that reason alone, I'm not ready to pass judgement on 'Z Nation' just yet.
What does 'Z Nation' seem to be all about?
The story looks like it will take place three years after a ZOMBIE outbreak. A man seeming to be immune of the virus needs to get to California to a remaining viral lab where a cure or vaccine could be found from this man's blood. The importance of this man is above the importance of everything else, including the lives of survivors that will cross paths on this man's journey (which I'm sure this importance will be challenged each new episode). The survivors this man will come across on his journey will all help him to try and achieve this goal, or at least once they figure out the importance of him.
Nothing really new here and there are many 'Z' stories and books out there with similar plots.
The "Z's" in 'Z Nation' appear to be fast moving "Z's" and have a level of intelligence, or at least enough intelligence to create ambushes.
I am not going to get into the debate over fast/slow moving "Z's" and I don't want to state the obvious about the acting and special effects in 'Z Nation'.
The feedback I heard even before watching the pilot for 'Z Nation' wasn't very good either.
I wasn't expecting much from this new show and yes, there were a lot of bad things about it.
However, for some strange reason, I still found that I enjoyed elements of the show and the pace the show took on. I know that is because of my interest in the topic and genre of 'Z Nation' more than anything else. I pretty much like all things Undead. Therefore, I am willing to give this show a chance.
I watch 'The Walking Dead', but to be honest, I'm not a big fan of the show other than it is based around a world of Zombies, more in the traditional Zombie style. After each season of TWD, I always ask myself, if TWD was not zombies, but something else, like an alien invasion or alien virus like The Body Snatchers, replacing the Zombie outbreak with anything other than the walking dead, but keeping everything else the same, would I watch TWD ? And the answer for me is 'No'.
That being said, I am still glad that TWD exists and I do enjoy the 'Z' factor of the show and story, and I'm glad it's a ZOMBIE apocalypse and not a nuclear apocalypse or giant spiders running around instead of ZOMBIES!
So what's my point?

My point is that even though things don't look very good for 'Z Nation' and it probably won't be very popular with the rest of the nation, I think I'm still going to enjoy it and be happy that it's there. It looks like, if anything, SyFy network is going to have some fun with the show and I'm cool with that. If I can't stand the show by episode three or four, then I'll I got to do is change the channel.
I'm a diehard traditional Zombie fan. Old school, slow moving, dumb as a rock ZOMBIES are for me. I don't even like the fact that the term 'Z' is becoming the new catch phrase for Zombies. However, I am all for new ideas and enjoy having too much of something I love. I love vanilla ice cream, but that doesn't mean I think they shouldn't make new flavors of ice cream.
You can't expect 'Z Nation' to compete with the popularity and budget of 'The Walking Dead', at least not right off the bat.
I'm a zombie fan, therefore, give me more ZOMBIES!
If you look at all the zombie movies that have been made and are being made, let's face it, 95% of them are garbage. However, I still enjoy the 'Z' movies and have fun watching them. Sometimes, the worse they are, the more fun I have watching them.
Now that the UNDEAD are spreading into the TV world, I'm absolutely fine with the fact that some of these series will not be top notch quality. Writing, acting, special effects.....I don't need the fine dining all the time, as long as I get to have my junk food from time to time. It is nice to fine dine every now and then, but give me my hamburger and zombies any day of the week.
Someday, this 'Z' craze will come to an end, and everyone will just be sick of the 'Letter' and everything it represents. Overkill, which seems to fit the Zombie genre, is also going to be the death of it.
As for me, I'm just going to enjoy it and take as much as I can get while it lasts, even if it's garbage and hard to watch.

You can't get the best of everything and there is no point in comparing new shows like this to 'The Walking Dead' or any other show.
If you're a fan of ZOMBIES like me, than just enjoy it for what it is, if not, watch something else.
I don't mean that they should just produce crap on a regular basis, but let's just let this Undead craze spread into whatever it becomes. Something good may just come out of it.
With zombie babies and lines like:
"Excuse me, ma'am, you have a finger in your hair.",
Z Nation sounds like a lot of fun for me!

I'll get all the Z's I can get, even if the 'Z's' means catching a few and falling asleep during the show!

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I'm enjoying this show!
Didn't like it at first but do now and like the "fun" aspect as well!

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Glad you are enjoying it! I'm enjoying it too!