Some Very Creepy and Odd Zombie Art From Some Very Talented Artist!

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Great Zombie Artwork from Great Artists

Zombie Art

Zombie art has cropped up more as the craze has grown, and some fantastic work has come out of it. Most artists feed into the comic or film industry and work as illustrators, sculptors or concept artists, but some do what they do just for the art itself. Below you’ll find interpretations of zombies by four different artists.

Check out some of these artists and their artwork below:


Bryan Baugh

Bryan Baugh often pays homage to the classic monster and zombie movies through his art, but his day job has been animating children’s TV shows like Masters of the Universe and Transformers: Prime.

Bryan Baugh Zombie Picture 1Bryan Baugh Zombie Picture 2Bryan Baugh Zombie Picture 3Bryan Baugh Zombie Picture 4Bryan Baugh Zombie Picture 5

Shain Erin

Californian artist Shain Erin creates some of the weirdest dolls you’ll ever see, and many of them are inspired by the beloved living dead. They’re as creepy as they are unique.

Shain Erin Zombie Art Picture 1Shain Erin Zombie Art Picture 2Shain Erin Zombie Art Picture 3Shain Erin Zombie Art Picture 4

Jordu Schell

Jordu Schell started out making Halloween masks, but has been working in the film industry as a sculptor and concept artist since the 80′s. Though you might not know his name, you have definitely seen his work: His filmography includes tons of big-budget stuff like Avatar, Hellboy, and the zombie fan-favourite Dawn of the Dead (2004).

Jordu Schell Zombie Art Picture 1Jordu Schell Zombie Art Picture 2Jordu Schell Zombie Art Picture 3Jordu Schell Zombie Art Picture 4Jordu Schell Zombie Art Picture 5

Corlen Kruger

Corlen Kruger is a South African artist who loves exploitation films, schlocky horror and, of course, zombies. Corlen is one of the founding members of Atomhawk Design, a concept art studio that has produced work for video games like Dead Island, Mortal Kombat, and the film Thor: The Dark World.

Corlen Kruger Zombie Art Picture 1Corlen Kruger Zombie Art Picture 2Corlen Kruger Zombie Art Picture 3Corlen Kruger Zombie Art Picture 4

Please visit these great artist's websites to learn more about them and see more of their work.

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Scott's picture

Those are some creepy dolls by Shain Erin!
I could just picture the face of a little girl who parent brings one of those dolls home as a present, or the faces of people seeing a child playing with one of those dolls!

Jacky's picture

All those dolls are creepy....

ladydragon's picture

I agree, Scott. Super creepy work. Have you all been to a Halloween convention? This is NOTHING compared to that. But it's great to see the work come together like this. Very realistic. So gross!

ladydragon's picture

I dunno how I feel about a naked chick being carried by a corpse. Zombie might get frisky!