Zombie Dance Music?

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Project O.N.D.'s new dance theme song!


Fist pumping One Night Dead? - is Project O.N.D. going dance?

Not quite, but this is our new Dance / Dubstep theme song to check out! Now all the #Undead #Zombie fans out there can have their own tune to throw their fists in the air!

Even the #Zombies can get in on the fun too!

One Night Dead is still a Choose Your Own Adventure #Zombie for adults that you get to READ, CHOOSE and also WRITE!

If you like our new Dance / Dubstep Theme song, you can download the song by clicking the DOWNLOAD button below.

Please leave your comments below too and let us know what you think about the new theme song and video!


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Catchy tune and love the video! Zombies on acid!

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Personally zombies need to groove to either that pop song "Happy" or "I'm Sexy and I Know It." Wouldn't that be hysterical?? I'm thinking a BIG FAT YES!
Great share, though. I like it a lot.