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Some different Zombie flicks worth a look

That May Have Passed You By!

Here are a few Zombie movies that you might of missed or haven't heard about. These are Undead flicks that don't really follow the typical ZOMBIE genre or ZOMBIE style of most of the movies regarding the undead. They are films that fans of the moving dead may like and hold some interest in. Let's face it, most zombie films are not very good and follow the same patterns over and over again. Again, the first three movies below are not your typical zombie films and if you're looking for action zombie killing, these may not be to your liking! The last one however is a bonus preview of a movie coming out this year that I'm sure will have all the zombie kills and humor of a good old zombie flick that I'm looking forward to seeing! So give these fims a try!

Harold's Going Stiff (2011)

Harold's Going Stiff is a Little British film from 2011 that gives zombies a little different look in terms of it being a disease that effects elder men and how society deals with the problem, This disease is know as Onset Rigors Disease (O.R.D.) and the main character Harold has got the disease in his old age. The film gives an errie English look to what life would look like if this zombie disease really existed with some dark humor mixed in. It seems almost a British version of the next film we will take a look at 'American Zombie'


American Zombie (2007)

American Zombie is another Zombie flick that is not a high action blood bath. I don't say that to turn most of you off from this film. It's made in a kind of mock documentary style that shows how society may deal with living with the living dead. These are not the typical flesh eaters that you may associate with the term Zombie. These are people that were once alive, are now dead but function still as if they were a member of living society. How would you feel working with someone that you know was a walking corpse?

Nightmare Factory (2011)

Nightmare Factory is a documentary about the guys and company that are behind most of the special effects in movies. These are the guys that created the undead in George A. Romero movies, Evil Dead movies and many other horror classics. They are also behind the great Zombie effects on AMC's fan favorite show 'The Walking Dead'. This is a documentary worth checking out for all fans of the horror and undead genres. And yes, this one is a real documentary!

Bonus - Upcoming Zombie movie!

Buck Wild (2014)

This is a movie coming out this year sometime in March that will have the typical zombie humor and kills in it. The difference with this one from all the other Zombie flicks they pump out is, it actually looks pretty good. This movie will obviously fit more into the comedy genre, but based on the trailer, I'm sure it will have it's fill of blood splatter and weird kills as well! 'Is that a fish?' Let's hope it's a good one!

A couple of other honorable mentions are 'The Signal' 2007 - (not really a Zombie film but neither are 28 Days Later and I Am Legend) and 'Wasting Away' 2007 - (A zombie film with a point of view of the Undead!) Any other out of the ordinary Zombie flicks you can think of?

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Jacky's picture

Fido was a great non-traditional zombie flick as well...

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American Zombie makes me feel super patriotic just based on the artwork alone. Is that weird. It's like #PowerToThePeople!!!!

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I have now seen all of these and Nightmare Factory was a good documentary to check out.

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I'm going to check out 'Harold's Going Stiff' for sure! Looks good!

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Nightmare Factory reminds me of some movie I saw as a kid... still haunts me today. YUCK. Don't need to see this one again. That's for sure.